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bravo (brave/courageous) and ¡bravo! (well done!/good job!) 
are the two wo
rds that reflect our style

 We teach you the techniques and coach you on how to face 
the challenge of learning Spanish, encouraging you to 

relax, trust yourself, dare to make mistakes
... and have fun !

Cultural  Immersion

We are committed and
passionate to share 
our customs and traditions
with you, so you can 

immerse yourself in our culture
and have a full Latin Experience

Your Style

We make sure to
identify and understand
learning style, skills and goals
so that we can design
the best program just for you !

Our Founder

Born in Peru and educated in Peru, Germany, Chile
and the U.S., Cayo speaks

Spanish (native)
and German

After earning a
bachelor's degree in
Business Administration

he worked as CEO of
La Industria Newspaper
(third oldest in Peru)

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